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"Hey, I'm Frankie. They call me the Fat Bookie. I got fat from the good life cuz I was the wizard of wagering. Now I'm just looking to have fun with my new site Fatbookie, dedicated to the propositon that life's gamble - so why not have some fun with it!

Proposition - that's a good word. You come up with a proposition - which team scores the most points, who will score highest on a test, which candidate wins and by how much - and Fatbookie turns it into a game you can invite your friends to play. You decide the stakes - who buys the pizza, who picks up the next round, who has to walk down Main Street wearing a tutu, whatever.

Frankie here is a sociable guy, so I'd made Fatbookie to be a new kind of place to hang out with friends, and to share photos and videos when you get together to make good on the result of your Fatbookie game. And if you got any video of some mug walking down Main Street in a tutu - well, I want to see that.

Hey, enough out of me. Sign up for Fatbookie - it ain't gonna cost you nuttin - and turn any proposition into a Fatbookie game for you and your friends to play. And if you got a question, hit the help button. Frankie is here for you, 24/7.

Oh yeah, good luck!"

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What is FatBookie?

FatBookie is the place where you can connect with your friends and manage your friendly bets, then organize a night out to settle and, if you wish, upload photos and videos of victory and defeat from this event.
What is a FatBookie game?

A FatBookie game is a game between you and your friends to guess the outcome of an event that you determine. You can organize your own games on a subject of your choice and invite your friends, or you can participate in games organized by your friends.
What can you do on FatBookie?
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